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Your Stack

March 13, 2023

Cairns can show us the way. Whether marking a trail or defying gravity, these rock formations demonstrate the importance of balance. How do we stack our rocks – or priorities – to prevent the pile from collapsing? What does it take to stake out our territory and leave an impression? Some of the best cairns I’ve seen consist of well-thought-out piles of rocks in various shapes and sizes. Bigger isn’t necessarily better. The same holds true in the public relations world. Less is more.


Remember the Anthill

March 6, 2023

Anthills are popping up all over my neighborhood. Watching these small mounds appear on the surface reminds me of what it takes to practice public relations (PR). Like industrious ants, PR professionals also dig deep to create results. And it doesn’t happen overnight. Just as ants must excavate to build their elaborate network of underground tunnels and nests, your PR person must lay the groundwork before helping you reach a target audience or branding objective. 


Be Like the Ibis

February 9, 2023

We humans can learn a bit from the ibis. These graceful birds – found in tropical climates – probe for food while wading in shallow water or muddy, grassy areas. With their sleek, curvy beaks, they forage for crabs, snails, slugs, crayfish, snakes, frogs and more. Obviously, they’re doing something right. This species – exalted by the ancient Egyptians – has been around for ages. In some ways, our success in the entrepreneurial, corporate or nonprofit world requires the survival instincts of the ibis.


Pretty Please

February 3, 2023

In this hectic world, kindness can go a long way. Common courtesies like “please” or “thank you” and a genuine interest in others can be as contagious as COVID, but without all the negative side effects. When we conduct ourselves and our business with kindness, we tend to feel better, both physically and mentally. And our behavior becomes infectious; people often pass it on. I’d like to suggest we incorporate kindness in our communications.



January 18, 2023

When are you content with your content? Is it the moment you grin like an iguana basking under a heat lamp? Or is it the second you state something so clearly the latest Artificial Intelligence writing tool recognizes your effort with a top score? Filling the blank page with compelling content is one of the most difficult and gratifying ways to communicate. But how do you know when you hit the mark? Here are three thoughts on the subject by a professional writer.


Say What?

January 3, 2023

Perfect strangers tell me things. Like the Target shopper who said she was no longer a lesbian because she found religion. Or the concertgoer who shared that his wife died from a blood clot, a rare side effect of the Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine. Or the two moms who admitted after a La Leche League meeting that they too had trouble with breastfeeding.


Think About It

December 12, 2022

How often do we think before we act? Over the weekend, I watched the TikTok “ick” video that got four nurses fired for mocking patients. While I don’t know these Atlanta labor and delivery nurses personally, I feel bad for them. It’s hard not to get caught up in a challenge. However, because of a momentary lapse in judgment, these dedicated healthcare workers became “former employees.”


Let It Go

December 9, 2022

Are you tired of holding it all together as another nail-biting year draws to a close? Then follow the lead of the prehistoric ginkgo tree, which each year drops its brilliant yellow leaves on the ground. Take a deep breath and belt out “Let it go, let it go!” like a Disney ice princess. During these remaining weeks of 2022, give yourself permission to admire what worked, dump what didn’t and dream big about what’s next. Your 2023 self will thank you.