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In the Same Direction

July 28, 2022

It feels good to move in the same direction. When we aren’t pulled in multiple directions, we can work together to uncover the obstacles and discover the opportunities ahead. We can share a common goal and camaraderie with our colleagues to accomplish the tasks at hand. However, moving in the same direction doesn’t mean sharing the same ideas, backgrounds and perspectives.


Give Me a Break

July 9, 2022

A break in the clouds can change everything. When the sun shines through thick clouds overhead, we can get an incredible view of the landscape below. Every contour or feature comes into sharper focus. Likewise, when we shine a light or our undivided attention on an issue, we can get a high-definition view. Every dimension or possibility to consider before developing our plan of action. On this rainy day in Georgia, I’d like to leave you with this one thought. Breakthroughs happen when we make our own break in the clouds.


Turn Up the Heat

June 16, 2022

I can still feel the heat and hear the roar of that erupting volcano in the Galapagos Islands. Four years ago today, I saw an active volcano on Fernandina Island from the deck of a catamaran. Our captain travelled hours to bring us to this unscheduled stop on our tour. He steered near the violent spectacle to give us a closer look. You could say that is exactly what the Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol is doing. They are bringing us closer to the insurrection burned in our collective memory and shedding light on what their exhaustive investigation has unearthed.


Rock the Boat

June 6, 2022

Who doesn’t love the serenity of origami-inspired boats floating gently in a fountain? I certainly do. But I recognize we live in a world that requires more rock-the-boat moments. How can you and your organization challenge the status quo? Operate like origami, the Japanese art of paper folding. Invite your team – especially your communications professionals – into the fold or decision-making process. Examine all the angles to turn a flat sheet of paper or difficult situation into a well-sculpted solution. Establish a welcoming environment that inspires your teams, clients and other key audiences  to question the way it has always been done. Tried-and-true approaches shouldn’t become sacrosanct. Listen to and then incorporate valuable feedback into your operations.


Parting Shot

May 20, 2022

I’ve been taking a tough, touching trip down memory lane. Here’s my parting shot of a by-the-Jersey-shore bungalow that will be forever etched in my psyche. Lots of love, laughter and boisterous family gatherings within the walls of this modest home in Marven Gardens, the yellow property of Monopoly board fame. Inside this brick home lived my foundation and last connection to my mother who left this world too early; my aunt and uncle who got married in 1952, live from New York, on the CBS-TV network show, “Bride and Groom.” These Atlantic City locals – beloved by family and everyone they met – celebrated 68 years of marriage in 2020 before my uncle died, may his memory be a blessing. 


In the Mirror

May 4, 2022

The phrase – “objects in mirror are closer than they appear” – is truer than you know. For me, this safety warning really hit home during a pre-pandemic encounter with two rhinos on a dirt road in South Africa. That day, we were exploring a national park when two black rhinos approached our compact rental car. We were in spitting distance. While my husband slowly steered our car around and away from the duo, I held my breath and snapped a photo. We got to observe these iconic members of Africa’s Big 5 without becoming a YouTube sensation. This week, I realized this safety warning – etched on passenger side mirrors – isn’t reserved for the drivers of motor vehicles; it applies to all of us.


Matzo Ball

April 16, 2022

For me, the perfect matzo ball represents perseverance. I was joking with a client this week that I have to allow myself extra time to create this traditional Passover dish. Without fail, I make two batches. One to toss and one to serve during the Seder. It’s a humbling ritual for a recovering perfectionist. In recent years, it’s become rather cathartic to dump these dumplings down the drain. I chuckle (or curse) before mixing the next batch of matzo meal, fat, eggs and spices that need to be lightly formed into balls and placed carefully in a salted, boiling pot of water. When you think about it, cooking and communications have a lot in common.


Plunge Ahead

April 2, 2022

At first, I was getting cold feet about forging a cold stream last weekend. We had two choices when we saw submerged steppingstones on the trail; backtrack or plunge ahead. My hands were already cold since I just lost a glove to a photo opportunity. I had set down my gloves on a rock upstream. A gust of wind had carried one off and plopped it into the rushing waters. Now, we were downstream and my hiking partners wanted to go forward, not backward. I weighed the options and decided to cross those icy waters. Smartwool® socks and warm hiking boots made all the difference as we continued along the trail. Looking back on that experience, I realize a cold stream symbolizes the choices we make about communications.