A Different Adventure

Each year, we try to check off an adventure from our bucket list.

I was scheduled to explore Portugal with my husband later this month. It was our anniversary present and an investment in another mind-opening experience. As you guessed it, the airline cancelled our trip a few weeks into the shelter-in-place order. Surprisingly, I wasn’t that upset because a trip cancellation is a first-world problem. I feel fortunate to have a roof over my head, a bit of a safety net, a caring support system and the flexibility to work from anywhere.

How does an adventurer expand her horizons in this low-touch economy? By continuing to learn from others. This week, I participated in the Business Over Breakfast Webinar Series with Emory Executive Education featuring Goizueta Business School Affiliate Faculty David Nour.

Here are my three takeaways from his Agile Alignment webinar:

Think Differently

“There is no playbook for our current market dynamics, but COVID-19 is an impetus to reimagine, reinvent and reinvigorate the next version of your business model.” Choose the “best possible choices and outcomes” and share your strategies in a compelling one-page visual that everyone can understand.

Adapt Quickly

The current environment requires more speed and agility. Companies can’t afford to wait to bring their ideas to market. For example, Dyson, whose core capability and competency is engineering or reverse engineering, saw a need for ventilators and quickly designed a new one.

Communicate Succinctly

Focus on the “why” (desired outcome), the “who” (audience), the “what” (you want people to feel or think differently) and the “which” (the story you want to tell). Create memorable “sound bites” and reinforce and repeat your three to five key messages in creative ways that resonate with audiences.

For more information, please visit and watch this May 7, 2020 video recording.

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