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Choose Visuals Wisely

November 17, 2021

Just as people see different objects or patterns in clouds, the same can be said about your visual communication. When I look at one of the knotty trees in my neighborhood, I see a contented person with closed eyes. My husband sees a two-piece bathing suit. In either case, that tree makes both of us smile. I chose this image today because it illustrates that we can have different perceptions about something yet experience the same emotion. Do your visuals match your messaging? Do they help your readers better understand and retain your content?


Not a Cairn in the World

November 1, 2021

I couldn’t resist borrowing my younger son’s bon mot for this latest blog. A witty remark or a clever turn of phrase makes me smile. It feels like a hot fudge sundae, a blue sky or a cairn on a hiking trail. In my world, puns – and even Dad jokes – are a competitive sport. When one of the Weiss guys or gals nails it, we all cheer. Even when a near miss generates a collective groan, we are still willing to give extra credit for creativity and effort. As a public relations professional, I love it when brands brilliantly seize an opportunity to have fun with words.



October 12, 2021

One of my guilty pleasures is checking my daily horoscope. While this Scorpio is not superstitious, I am always interested in learning useful tips. Yesterday’s horoscope was particularly powerful: “Stick with what you know and you just might be able to achieve flawless work, but you’ll be uninspired. New territory equals new passion.” This horoscope really hit home. Throughout my career, I have felt the happiest and most fulfilled when exploring new territory.


What Gets Your Goat?

October 4, 2021

Are there certain things others say or do that bug you? I’m not talking about political pandering and polarization. Rather, I’m referring to the actions or words that make you gnash your teeth. The “get your goat” instances that cause you to shake your head in frustration or anger. Here are butting-head examples and suggestions for improving communications to hit your mark.  



September 18, 2021

Do you ever feel nothing can surprise you? I don’t. Each day, something or someone surprises me. Whether it’s an astonished alpaca, a loved one’s promising PET scan or an inspiration for my next public relations project, I find surprises pop up throughout my personal and professional life. Some surprises make me laugh hysterically or want to beat my head against a wall while others shake me to my core. As the multi-talented Steve Martin once said, “The greatest thing you can do is surprise yourself.”


A Bigger Boat

September 1, 2021

This shark head with a headless swimmer reminds me of pandemic behavior. On the one hand or foot (if you’ll excuse the cheesy reference), some of us are taking the necessary precautions. Others, however, are ignoring the attack warnings and ending up in the shark’s deadly jaws. I’m sad to say my own home state of Georgia ranks rather low on the caution meter; we’re number 47 of 50 on the list showing the percentage of COVID-19 vaccines administered by state. Our hospital ICUs are filling up with COVID-19 patients and are nearly at capacity.


On a Ledge

August 26, 2021

Crafting communications during a crisis can feel a lot like walking on a ledge. You see the path, but know that one misstep could be fatal. So, how do you keep moving ahead and avoid a disastrous stumble? With proper planning and the courage of your convictions. Only then can you reach the destination with your life or reputation intact. As an avid hiker with acrophobia, I’ve had to learn how to steady myself on cliff-hugging, curse-inducing treks. The trail to Grinnell Glacier in Montana’s Glacier National Park was my latest heart-racing, wobbly-legs adventure. But, I did it anyway and have the photos to prove it. Two survival techniques I use on the trails can easily apply to your own crisis communications.



August 2, 2021

I can’t tell you how fantastic it felt to experience live theatre again. Last night, a sold-out crowd joined my family in the parking lot of Atlanta’s Horizon Theatre to watch the swashbuckling musical, “How I Became a Pirate,” performed by partner, Destination Theatre. The one-hour play – a blast for younger and older mateys alike – is based on the children’s book by Melinda Long and award-winning illustrator David Shannon. This production showed me how much audiences are starved for funny, creative, inspiring moments. Here are a few ways for brands to create such extraordinary experiences for your audiences.