Communications Walls

Do you knock down and replace the wall or patch the cracks?

That’s a question I face as the owner of a charming 1927 Craftsman home. Organizations face a similar choice when deciding how to stay relevant and connected with their audiences in an ever-changing world. What do you need to do to address a breakdown in communications? Do you patch or overhaul your strategies?

Here are some things to consider with your communications plans:

Evaluate the Cracks

When I close my eyes, I won’t see the cracks in my wall. Likewise, if you ignore what employees, clients or communities say and feel about your brand, you won’t notice the damage to your reputation. Study the cracks in your employee morale, customer service and standing in the community.

Ask the Experts

When I need a home repair, I turn to a well-respected, qualified contractor. Likewise, when you’re stumped by a communications challenge, ask an expert. A communications professional can offer a fresh perspective along with creative, tactical solutions.

Weigh your Options

Organizations do not have the luxury of waiting for the wall to collapse. The success of your brand depends on finding short-term and long-term solutions to improve communications with the people who matter to your for-profit or nonprofit organization.

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