Find Your Waterfall

It hit me today why I love waterfalls.

Whether it’s of the magnitude of Niagara Falls or a trickling cascade, a waterfall allows me to focus on the flow of the water rather than the swirl in my head. My breathing becomes more relaxed, and I forget about everything in the moment. My latest deadline, concerns about friends and family, the state of our country and the world, and the list goes on.

Who isn’t flooded with nagging thoughts? It doesn’t help that companies choose to shove employees out the door before the holidays. I remember the “when-is-the-next-shoe-going-to-drop” dread when I worked in corporate America. In fact, my corporate career started after I was let go from a job at a local chamber of commerce.

My heart goes out to everyone who is now experiencing layoffs. Find your waterfall – that place, person or experience that can clear your mind. Take time to go with the flow, hug your loved ones and gather your strength for tomorrow’s battle.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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