How Do You Carry On?

I have always believed in karma; what goes around comes around.

In my humble opinion, life shouldn’t be one competition after another. There are ample opportunities for each of us to shine and share the spotlight. Somewhat like the vulture, a bird of prey that scavenges for the remains of dead animals. Have you noticed how these garbage disposals of the animal kingdom flock together to split the spoils? Why can’t we do the same?

Before you shudder in disgust at the thought of eating carrion, please bear with me. The next time you’re getting ready to tell someone about your organization’s latest triumph, pause for a minute.

Think about your message. How can you create tasty, bite-sized morsels that better connect with your audience? Who can you call on to provide a different perspective? Remember, you don’t have to go it alone to succeed.

Let’s talk about who you include in your flock to tackle the toughest communications challenges.

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