Ready for S’more

Being married and managing a business is a bit like the quest for the perfect s’more.

How do you make this mouthwatering campfire treat with the right balance of toasted marshmallow and melted chocolate between two graham crackers? Likewise, what’s the best recipe for maintaining a marriage and a business?

We’ve been married for 39 years today. For 22 of them, this former journalist, corporate American and trade organization professional has led her own public relations firm. On this wedding anniversary, I want to share my thoughts about s’mores, marriage and entrepreneurship. I’m no expert. Feel free to toss any or all of these observations on the fire if they don’t apply.

Practice S’more Patience

How many times have you bitten into a s’more where the chocolate wasn’t melted enough or the marshmallows were too burnt? What did you do? Instead of grumbling about it, why not step away from the heat, evaluate next steps and chew on other options? It takes a heaping dose of patience and imagination to handle the challenges of marriage or business.

Pursue S’more Playfulness

It isn’t necessary to be serious all the time to be taken seriously. Fun is part of every s’more recipe. Bringing a sense of playfulness to marriage and business can defuse a stressful situation, strengthen relationships and inspire smarter, creative decisions. It doesn’t hurt that laughter also boosts the immune system.

Prepare S’more Praise

When offered sincerely and appropriately, praise can be one of the secret ingredients to a perfect s’more, strong marriage or successful business. Everyone needs to feel recognized, accepted and valued. As Mark Twain once said, “I can live two months on one compliment.”

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