Rock the Boat

Who doesn’t love the serenity of origami-inspired boats floating gently in a fountain?

I certainly do. But I recognize we live in a world that requires more rock-the-boat moments. How can you and your organization challenge the status quo?

Open the Fold

Operate like origami, the Japanese art of paper folding. Invite your team – especially your communications professionals – into the fold or decision-making process. Examine all the angles to turn a flat sheet of paper or difficult situation into a well-sculpted solution.

Make Some Waves

Establish a welcoming environment that inspires your teams, clients and other key audiences to question the way it has always been done. Tried-and-true approaches shouldn’t become sacrosanct. Listen to and then incorporate valuable feedback into your operations.

Create Positive Change

Tip over the boat if that’s what it takes. It definitely worked for me. I learned an important lesson years ago when my younger son flipped over our canoe. Talk about gaining a fresh perspective about not peeing in the boat.

I invite you to contact me about how you can rock the boat with your communications to create positive change.


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