Talk About Perspective

Listening to someone else’s story can give you a fresh perspective.

Case in point. When I recently spoke with an AT&T representative about my account, I first asked her how she was doing during this pandemic. She paused to thank me for my question and told me she was one of the lucky ones; only one member of her family died from COVID-19. Many of her colleagues were not so fortunate.

Our lives and news cycles are filled with the fear and carnage of COVID-19. I have to say I caught my breath when I heard the gratitude in this individual’s response. Her willingness to open up and share her story touched me. We connected and completed a business transaction with a greater understanding about one another.

This experience underscored the importance of gaining perspective. Every day, I have the privilege of helping clients do just that. My vision is to build more meaningful, magical brands that connect, inspire and lead to positive change. How can you possibly elevate your brand and accomplish your organization’s goals unless you’re willing to ask the right questions, listen and learn?


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