Under the Big Top

I never tire of the artistry, pageantry and originality of Cirque du Soleil.

While this year’s Big Top was minutes from my home, it felt like worlds away. If only for a moment. Like the young girl sitting in front of me, I too opened my mouth in amazement as talented performers from around the world pushed the envelope again and again.

Unfortunately, that otherworldly feeling was shattered during two outbursts by a woman in the row directly behind me. Ten minutes into the show, a snowplow mom shouted “sit down” at four people trying to quickly get to their seats near the front on the right. At the conclusion of the show, this same woman screamed “sit down” to my husband and me. She complained that her daughter couldn’t see as we joined the audience for a boisterous standing ovation.

For me, that mom’s behavior epitomized what we can do better in 2024 to live under the Big Top of a complicated, messy world. Show more kindness. Stop trying to control everything and everyone around you. Stand up to demonstrate your appreciation for the remarkable.

Thank you for reading my musings this year. Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year!

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