I can’t tell you how fantastic it felt to experience live theatre again.

Last night, a sold-out crowd joined my family in the parking lot of Atlanta’s Horizon Theatre to watch the swashbuckling musical, “How I Became a Pirate,” performed by partner, Destination Theatre. The one-hour play – a blast for younger and older mateys alike – is based on the children’s book by Melinda Long and award-winning illustrator David Shannon.

This production showed me how much audiences are starved for funny, creative, inspiring moments. Here are a few ways for brands to create such extraordinary experiences for your audiences.

Don’t Take Yourself Seriously

Add some self-deprecating humor to your brand every now and then to show you’re not perfect; you’re only human. Find the right balance and people laugh with you and connect.

Look at Things Differently

Admit when something isn’t working and change your bearing or approach. Be creative. Avoid copying your competitors’ communications tactics because they may not help you discover your own treasure.

Share Your Own Inspiration

Tell your own personal story about stormy seas and daring adventures. Audiences crave authenticity and a relationship before they can connect to a product, according to Forbes.

I invite you to contact me about your all-hands-on-deck strategies to elevate your brand.

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