When are you content with your content?

Is it the moment you grin like an iguana basking under a heat lamp? Or is it the second you state something so clearly the latest Artificial Intelligence writing tool recognizes your effort with a top score?

Filling the blank page with compelling content is one of the most difficult and gratifying ways to communicate. But how do you know when you hit the mark? Here are three thoughts on the subject by a professional writer.

Does it Include?

Think of your intended audience. Will your words resonate or alienate? Is there a better way to say something that will be more inclusive?

Does it Engage?

Ask yourself if your words will draw in readers. If you were in their shoes, would you skim the first sentence and ignore the rest?

Does it Inspire?

Consider the power of your words. What do you hope people will feel? How do you expect them to act?

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