Say What?

Perfect strangers tell me things.

Like the Target shopper who said she was no longer a lesbian because she found religion.

Or the concertgoer who shared that his wife died from a blood clot, a rare side effect of the Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine.

Or the two moms who admitted after a La Leche League meeting that they too had trouble with breastfeeding. Shortly after that group confessional, my pediatrician chastised me for starving my son and handed me a formula bottle. Now, that son has a son and is doing quite well, thank you.

I often scratch my head at what people say to me. On the other hand, I feel honored that someone feels comfortable about sharing their story even if it’s in the egg section at Target, the seat in front of me at a music venue, the parking lot after a La Leche League meeting or the restroom.

This tendency of people to “tell-me-things” pre-dates the advent of social media. I’m guessing my ability to listen without judgment and ask questions has served me well.

Let’s not be strangers in 2023. I’d love to hear your stories and share them in ways that elevate your brand.

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