Find the Hum

Today’s blog is inspired by my obsession with Wordle.

Yes, I confess. This professional communicator is a Wordle wonk. I can’t start or finish my day without taking a stab at solving this New York Times puzzle. Everyone who plays faces the same challenge; guess the secret word in six tries or less. Sometimes, we guess the word on our own. Other times, we peruse a list of possible words with letters we have discovered.

Whether we win or lose the game, we share a sense of camaraderie in playing. Likewise, when we find the HUM – and live the words beginning with these three letters – we strengthen our communications and working relationships.

Find the Humanity

Share your authentic self and treat everyone with kindness and respect.

Find the Humorous

Avoid taking yourself too seriously. You can reduce stressful situations with a touch of humor.

Find the Humility

Recognize you do not have all the answers. Encourage and accept different solutions to a problem.

Feel free to contact me if you want to rave or whine about Wordle or have a humdinger of a communications challenge.

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