The Right Combination

What do love locks have to do with communications?

Everything. The padlocks found on bridges and other structures around the world are a symbol of unbreakable bonds. People ceremoniously attach locks to a special spot to signify their lasting connections with family, friends and soulmates. When you think about it, that’s what communications is about – creating powerful bonds with your key audiences.

For purposes of this blog, I’m not here to discuss how love locks are outlawed in many places because of the damage to structures or historic landmarks. That’s not the point today. Rather, I want to concentrate on ways you can lock in on communications that better connect with your audiences.

Use Candor

Carefully choose your words throughout all your communications. Avoid exaggerated statements or claims. Audiences will tune you out if they detect dishonesty.

Demonstrate Commitment

Align your actions with your messaging. If your company is focused on customer service and satisfaction, show it, don’t just say it.

Build Continuity  

Remember relationships require continual care and feeding. Be willing to keep audiences in the loop for all your news, including the good, the bad and the ugly.

I invite you to contact me about love locks and how to create unbreakable bonds with your audiences through the right combination of communications.

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