Finding Your Voice

When everyone is talking, how can you be heard?

By being more like the penguin. While it may sound like these flightless birds are just squawking, their vocalizations are quite different and recognized by their mates, chicks and competitors. Penguin “banter” even continues during deep sea dives, according to researchers in South Africa who recorded “200 distinct underwater vocalizations.”

Effective communications is essential for these expressive birds to survive and advance their species, according to the Penguin Blog. Likewise, finding and using your own distinctive voice with your key audiences and constituencies can help your organization survive and thrive.

How can you find your voice? Start by incorporating your distinctive personal stories, values, struggles and successes in your messaging. Avoid fish tales or exaggerations. Instead, be relatable, approachable, transparent. Remember, people crave authenticity. When you’re willing to be vulnerable and share your true self with others, people feel more connected with you, and, in turn, your organization.

Let’s talk if you want to learn more about effective communications or the adorable African penguins that I observed years ago at Boulders Beach in Cape Town.

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