Look Up

Could it hurt to look up to see what else is coming?

I don’t think so. Then again, I may be a glutton for punishment. I’m the first to admit it’s daunting to face one threat after another without growing weary or disillusioned. But, does it mean we should become inured to impending disaster like the star-studded cast of the Netflix movie, “Don’t Look Up?”

When we’re up against the proverbial world-killing comet or crushing Tweetstorm, how do we create communications that matter?

Live Your Values

Work from the inside out to lay the groundwork for more effective communications. Create a work environment in which your team feels valued, respected and heard. Equip them with messaging or other communications support that empowers them to be your trusted ambassadors.

Pick Your Battles

Be strategic about what your organization is willing to fight for or against. While audiences don’t expect you to stay on the sidelines, you don’t have to fight every battle. Choose issues that align with your values and be clear about your organization’s position.

Engage Your Allies

Create alliances with other organizations that mirror your mission. Talk about your shared experiences and learn from each other. Remember, there is power in numbers when you join forces to collaborate on addressing the most pressing issues.

When you look up, what communications challenges do you see coming? Let’s talk about how to tackle them together.

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