Grand Gesture

Skywriting a marriage proposal may clinch the deal in the short term, but will it sustain the relationship?

While a grand gesture can be thrilling, this 40-year veteran of wedded bliss believes the small gestures carry much greater weight. It takes many thoughtful acts or words to keep the romance alive and smooth out the rough spots. This applies to personal and professional relationships alike.

I would recommend against bombarding your clients, colleagues and supporters with a grand gesture once a year. The showy or elaborate action may not have the desired effect of erasing a year of inaction. Instead, focus your energy on becoming more strategic, intentional and consistent about the details. Think about how, what and when you want to communicate and with whom. Imagine what a successful interaction looks like, feels like.

If you’re a nonprofit organization, for example, don’t request a donation if you haven’t thanked me for my past support. Ahead of your ask, help me understand what you have accomplished and how contributions make all the difference. Likewise, if you’re a business, don’t wait until I call to cancel my service to tell me I’m a valued customer. Show me you care in every interaction or communication I have with your business. Make it easier to do business with you.

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