While I celebrate Chanukah, I always appreciate an iconic Christmas tune or heartwarming holiday ad.

That’s one reason I’m singing “Lessons and Carols” this weekend (the sixth and seventh nights of Chanukah) with my older son and the Emory University Choirs. It’s a true joy to exercise our vocal cords and make music again. COVID-19 precautions, like vaccinations and masks, are helping singers and audience members feel comfortable about returning to this annual event, which was cancelled the past two years.

I appreciate the spirit of a Christmas-themed concert like “Lessons and Carols” even though I don’t personally participate in Christian worship. This concert is a moment in time when we harmonize, vocally and collectively. We set aside our differences to focus on goodness, gladness and togetherness.

That feeling of serenity and contentment is another reason why this nice Jewish girl is a sucker for Christmas movies, somewhat like the protagonist in Jean Meltzer’s new novel, “The Matzoh Ball.”  Who doesn’t like to watch something where everything works out in the end?

In fact, this year’s holiday commercials show how a “subdued 2020 gives way to more exuberant messaging despite supply chain issues and COVID fears,” according to Ad Age. My personal favorite is the hilarious ad by Air New Zealand, which features a Zoom-challenged Santa who needs help with “a little cargo situation.”

I’d love to hear about your favorite Christmas tunes or holiday ads. May this season, however you celebrate it, bring you happiness, peace and joy.

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