Choose Visuals Wisely

Just as people see different objects or patterns in clouds, the same can be said about your visual communication.

When I look at one of the knotty trees in my neighborhood, I see a contented person with closed eyes. My husband sees a two-piece bathing suit. In either case, that tree makes both of us smile. I chose this image today because it illustrates that we can have different perceptions about something yet experience the same emotion.

Do your visuals match your messaging? Do they help your readers better understand and retain your content? Remember, our brains quickly process images, 60,000 times faster than text, according to 3M research. What are some things to consider when selecting your photo, video, GIF, infographic or other visual communication?

Be Entertaining

Find creative, unexpected ways and visuals to draw in your reader or viewer.

Be Diverse

Select visuals that are reflective of the many types of diversity in our society.

Be Deliberate

Align all your visual communication with your branding and marketing strategies.

Let’s talk about how stronger visual and written communications can elevate your brand.

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