In the Mirror

The phrase – “objects in mirror are closer than they appear” – is truer than you know.

For me, this safety warning really hit home during a pre-pandemic encounter with two rhinos on a dirt road in South Africa. That day, we were exploring a national park when two black rhinos approached our compact rental car. We were in spitting distance. While my husband slowly steered our car around and away from the duo, I held my breath and snapped a photo. We got to observe these iconic members of Africa’s Big 5 without becoming a YouTube sensation.

This week, I realized this safety warning – etched on passenger side mirrors – isn’t reserved for the drivers of motor vehicles; it applies to all of us. Every day, we need to look ahead, behind and around to gauge what’s coming to shake our world. How will we handle the possibility of a charging rhino? What are we going to do about a potential Roe v. Wade ruling, inequality, rising violence or other threat in the mirror?

Let’s talk about your game plan. Remember, you don’t have too much time to react since “objects in mirror are closer than they appear.”

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