Matzo Ball

For me, the perfect matzo ball represents perseverance.

I was joking with a client this week that I have to allow myself extra time to create this traditional Passover dish. Without fail, I make two batches. One to toss and one to serve during the Seder. It’s a humbling ritual for a recovering perfectionist.

In recent years, it’s become rather cathartic to dump these dumplings down the drain. I chuckle (or curse) before mixing the next batch of matzo meal, fat, eggs and spices that need to be lightly formed into balls and placed carefully in a salted, boiling pot of water.

When you think about it, cooking and communications have a lot in common. When one strategy bombs, you try another. Examine why your media pitch, social media post, e-blast or other communication falls flat. Is there something you can add to the mix to better connect with your audiences? What are you willing to do to serve up more targeted, tastier communications?

Whatever holiday you’re celebrating this weekend, wishing you a very happy one.

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