Move Over

Did I ever mention I once asked my dad to buy me a cow?

Never one to discourage initiative, this lifelong realtor told me, “Sure, I’ll buy you a cow if you purchase the land.” He didn’t dash the dream of a child. Instead, my father – may his memory be a blessing – offered hope and a compromise. What an important life lesson.

How often do we shut down someone’s dream, either deliberately or inadvertently? Are we too quick to criticize rather than consider ideas? Are we willing to move over to give someone else room to shine?

As a professional communicator, I know there is always a better way to write, say or do something. But it takes work and a give-and-take mindset.

While I never bought a cow, the cow story has stuck with me, and I have shared it with my children and now my grandchild. It makes me smile to hear them tell this story. Let’s talk about the family stories and life lessons that have moved you.

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