Old Stuff

I jokingly refer to this photo as old stuff in Segovia, Spain (Roman ruins and me).

During a recent bucket-list trip, I posed in front of a first century AD structure that many consider one of the best-preserved Roman aqueduct bridges. People from around the world visit this spot to admire the ingenuity, artistry and strength of the Aqueduct of Segovia, which has lasted through the ages. A young woman from Scandinavia was kind enough to offer to snap this photo of me.

Old stuff – like a bridge or a person – can continue to surprise you. Don’t discount us and trade us in for the next shiny object. Give us and every generation an equal shot at making our mark. Like the Romans who built this venerable bridge without mortar, Baby Boomers like me withstand the test of time through perseverance, creativity, flexibility and lifelong learning.

Let me know if you’re interested in talking with this old stuff about new stuff for your communications.

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