Not a Cairn in the World

I couldn’t resist borrowing my younger son’s bon mot for this latest blog.

A witty remark or a clever turn of phrase makes me smile. It feels like a hot fudge sundae, a blue sky or a cairn on a hiking trail. In my world, puns – and even Dad jokes – are a competitive sport. When one of the Weiss guys or gals nails it, we all cheer. Even when a near miss generates a collective groan, we are still willing to give extra credit for creativity and effort.

As a public relations professional, I love it when brands brilliantly seize an opportunity to have fun with words. Look at Wendy’s, who jokingly changed its name and Twitter profile to Meat after Facebook became Meta. And the social media ridicule continued with the hashtag, #FacebookDead. Too bad the global giant didn’t realize or care that its new name means “dead” in Hebrew.

I would love for you to share some of your favorite puns or clever phrases. If you’re feeling truly inspired, why not start practicing now to compete in the next O’Henry Museum Pun-Off World Championships?

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