Pining for the Past?

Every generation goes through ups and downs.

But does that mean we should pine for the past? I can’t tell you how many “remember when” memes I run across. Some encourage us to reminisce about the good old days, mainly to phish for our passwords. Others make us feel rather nostalgic.

Reliving the past can be like the pine cone. Sometimes it’s beautiful and aromatic. Other times it’s sharp and prickly. The same can apply to the practice of public relations.

Yes, public relations is a practice. We always must be learning and then applying that learning to everything we do. I may pine for the days before the 24-hour news cycle or constant churn of social media. Then I remember public relations has always required looking ahead and preparing for the next opportunity or crisis.

I would love to hear about your pine cones. What worked for you in the past and what needs to change? How can we plant seeds together for your next positive communications project?

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