Do you ever feel nothing can surprise you?

I don’t. Each day, something or someone surprises me. Whether it’s an astonished alpaca, a loved one’s promising PET scan or an inspiration for my next public relations project, I find surprises pop up throughout my personal and professional life. Some surprises make me laugh hysterically or want to beat my head against a wall while others shake me to my core.

As the multi-talented Steve Martin once said, “The greatest thing you can do is surprise yourself.” For many of us, that’s a tall order. The unexpected is uncomfortable. Pushing yourself to do something surprising takes chutzpah. You may fall flat on your face when you step outside your comfort zone. Yet, you choose to do it anyway.

I ask my clients to take a chance on me and themselves. Together, we summon the courage to try something new or in a surprising way. When we decide to embrace the unknown or unfamiliar, we just may surprise ourselves and others with astonishing results.

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