What Gets Your Goat?

Are there certain things others say or do that bug you?

I’m not talking about political pandering and polarization. Rather, I’m referring to the actions or words that make you gnash your teeth. The “get your goat” instances that cause you to shake your head in frustration or anger.

Here are butting-head examples and suggestions for improving communications to hit your mark.

Hasty Responses

Rapid-fire responses to emails can be tempting. That backfired on me. Recently, my cursory use of the “reply all” button – offering unsolicited feedback – upset the sender; someone I care about who didn’t deserve my unintended slight. All of us need to think before tapping that dreaded button.

Vague Language

Ambiguous or imprecise wording can lead to misunderstandings and meltdowns. Just ask a parent or the head of an organization. Both leaders need to create a clear vision, expectations and communications to achieve buy in and desired results.

Poor Listening

It’s exasperating when you don’t feel heard. Conversely, when someone truly listens, you feel valued and respected. Next time you find yourself interrupting someone, take a deep breath. Practice active listening to better understand your colleagues, customers and family members.

What would you add to this list? I invite you to contact me to talk about improving your communications to avoid “getting anyone’s goat.”



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