The “Too” Spots

Moss – one of the oldest plants on Earth – grows where other plants don’t.

This primitive plant thrives in the “too” spots, namely the places too shady, too moist and too extreme for many flowering plants. Under the right conditions, the emerald-green plant multiplies across forest floors, woodlands, snowy mountains, abandoned hiking boots, cracked pavements and more.

What can you do as an organization to flourish like the mighty moss? Here are some suggestions to elevate your brand in a too competitive, too crowded market.

Expect the unexpected

As moss appears in unusual places, so can your target audiences. Instead of copying your competitors’ tactics, conduct your own audience research. Learn what your audience cares about and where they gather. Cultivate your own fertile ground to reach the people who matter most to your success.

Find your anchor

Hairlike structures anchor moss to bark, rock or soil and help this hardy plant withstand the elements. Likewise, when you lock onto your organization’s strengths or differentiators, you stand taller and rise above your competition.

Blow in the wind

To reproduce, moss spreads its spores through wind or water. To advance your organization’s mission, build greater brand awareness. Spread the word by creating compelling key messaging that you consistently weave throughout all your communications.


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