Trust Your Gut

What happens when your inner voice disagrees with the data?

Do you follow the GPS app that shows the trail continues precipitously, along jagged rocks by the rushing water? My husband, the fearless explorer, wanted to do just that. I reviewed the situation and yelled an expletive that I didn’t care what the GPS showed, I wasn’t going that way. I crazily climbed – hand over hand, clinging on tree roots – to find another option. He soon joined me on the trail above as he discovered a washed-out trail below.

Whether you’re hiking or communicating with audiences, it’s important to weigh your options and not put your blind faith in the data. Yes, it’s crucial to use your head to research, analyze and evaluate the different paths or ways to achieve your goals. In some instances, like my latest hiking adventure, it may be better to listen to your inner voice. Trust your gut or intuition to calculate your next steps.

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