What’s Your Story?

The other day I found a brown suede shoe on a log.

I wondered about the owner of this well-worn, women’s shoe that was carefully balanced on the remains of a majestic tree. Why did she wear heels on a hike? Did she limp back to her car with only one shoe? Or, did she lose the shoe after changing into hiking boots halfway along the trail? Who placed that shoe on the log, hoping the owner would return to claim it?

Questions flooded my mind as I imagined the possibilities. I wanted to know the story behind the single shoe. A burning curiosity is one of the main reasons I was drawn to a career in journalism and public relations. I like to dig deep to understand our different stories. I enjoy helping you tell your story to the people who matter to your for-profit or nonprofit organization.

When your story resonates with people, you build relationships and trust. They’re more inclined to listen to what you have to say. They’re inspired to advance your mission or cause, donate to your nonprofit organization or sign on the dotted line to do business with you. They feel like they can walk in your shoes.



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