Lucky Seven

There is something magical about the number seven.

One of my favorites is the use of all seven tiles in a Scrabble game for a 50-point bonus. My word, “Minutest,” placed on a triple word square, generated fist bumps and hoorays during this week’s Scrabble match. As I bask in the memory of that lucky seven, I would like to share another example of how to collect extra bonus points.

Work with a public relations professional to create positive change through:

  • Strategic communications plans that create positive momentum for goals.
  • Media relations strategies that achieve positive, top-of-mind recognition.
  • Speeches that resonate with audiences and encourage positive action.
  • Fundraising campaigns that create positive energy to inspire generous giving.
  • Internal communications that engage teams to take positive steps.
  • Marketing communications that create positive results for your product, service or idea.
  • Web and content development that beefs up your presence and positive engagement.

Let’s talk about what you would add to this list and why. Here’s to your next high-scoring Scrabble game.

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