What to Pack?

Have you ever helped a loved one pack to move to a smaller place?

I recently returned from doing just that. What a glorious trip down memory lane and an emotionally, physically exhausting endeavor. So many things, so many memories. What’s meaningful to keep for one person is not the same for someone else. As you can imagine, that disconnect about what to toss can cause a lot of friction.

As I peeked through the many dilapidated boxes filled with sepia photos, yellowed newspaper clippings and memorabilia, I discovered a treasure trove of clues about my family history. At the same time, I realized I had more unanswered questions about my ancestors from Russia and Prussia.

All of us must face our own packing process. What part of our history should we proudly carry forward into the future? What do we need to change, and even atone for, from our past? Employees, clients and communities expect no less from the companies and organizations they trust.

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